Herbal Medicine versus Pharmaceutical Drugs

Ask someone what they initially think about herbal medicine and you will most likely receive a response stating how ineffective, dangerous, unproved and unscientific it is.   All wrong, and a misleading inaccuracy still peddled by the medical fraternity who laud evidence based medicine but ignore it when it suits them.  However, what people do not know is that herbal medicine can be a much safer and effective remedy compared to over the counter and prescription drugs.  What if I tell you that the majority of prescriptions drugs are based upon plants?

Which is better?

Herbal medicine was being used for eons before pharmaceutical drugs ever came onto the scene. The knowledge behind herbal medicines has been handed down from generation to generation and some find their origin even in prehistoric times.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs are usually composed of synthetic materials.  They can be very powerful, but on the other hand a drug taken incorrectly and without precautions can have serious and even fatal consequences.

The United States government has reported 0 deaths due to consumption of herbal medicine. On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs such as doctor prescribed medicines and over the counter drugs kill more than one million Americans every year.  Besides the obvious dangers of taking prescription drugs such as overdose/underdose, allergic reactions and interactions, pharmaceutical drugs may be harmful because they have harmful inorganic compounds that an ordinary person cannot necessarily digest and assimilate. These drugs can mask symptoms but that does not mean that they are effective as a treatment for overall health. Usually, herbal medicine targets the cause of disease and this can eventually lead to a decrease in symptoms permanently.

Why Herbal Medicine?

Why is it better to use herbal medicine for your ailment even though there are many over the counter drugs available on the market? The answer is that herbal medicines are natural based products, nearly always safer and effective.  Reported side effects and adverse effects are extraordinarily small compared to those reported against pharmaceutical drugs.  Herbal medicines are not like prescription and over the counter medicines that are manufactured in a factory or ‘plant’ (how’s the irony of that?!) and often contain man-made chemicals.

Medicinal plants grow all over the world. It means herbal medicines are often readily available and generally  much cheaper than pharmaceutical drugs.  Australia subsidises a lot of drugs available on the market to consumers but rest assured you’ll pick up the tab in your taxes!  All you need is a willingness to try them.


Pharmaceutical drugs might be a more familiar remedy for many ailments people treat, rather than herbal medicines. However, it is important to consider that herbal medicines are not only proven to be effective but they are often a cheaper alternative and mostly safer than pharmaceutical drugs on the market.  More so today, many doctors and other medical professionals recognize the important value of herbal medicine treatments.

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