People all over are looking for the best way to lose weight– that one elusive way which is effective, safe, doable and sustainable for life.  Unfortunately, the weight loss schemes being offered around the world are nowhere near meeting these criteria.

Some weight loss schemes are effective but not safe.

Some of the weight loss plans around are certainly effective in dropping weight, as they can bring about weight losses of more than a couple of pounds per week, but this is usually hazardous to health, as normal weight loss should not exceed 2 pounds per week.

Take, for instance, the myriad of weight loss pills, slimming teas and juices which often stimulate the colon excessively and bring about diarrhoea.  There is weight loss, of course, but this is due to loss of water, electrolytes and worse, nutrients.  People slim down but become dehydrated, and nutrient deficient, and malnourished if the weight loss strategy is continued into the medium term. 

Healthy weight loss should involve loss of fat and not loss of vital nutrients.

Some weight loss schemes are not sustainable.

There are also unrealistic weight loss plans which demand extreme diets such as subsisting on nothing but soup or certain foods, day in and day out, for protracted periods of time.  Again, this is an unsound weight loss plan, not only because it results in inadequate nutrition but also because such a diet cannot be sustained by a normal person for long.  Sooner or later, taste fatigue sets in, discipline snaps out of control and there is rebound binging. 

Healthy weight loss should be based on an adequate and nutritious diet incorporated into a lifestyle change which can be sustained over the long term.

The  best weight loss plan– according to nutritionists, dieticians and physicians.

Weight loss should be based on a healthy diet—one which provides adequate calories and nutritional content.  Specifically, a diet should provide enough energy for a person’s age, weight, gender and physical activity.  This diet should both be adequate and balanced.

Weight loss should be accompanied by sound, regular exercise—and one which combines aerobic, strength training and stretching.  This is to increase the metabolism, which actually slows down with dieting and aging.  Exercise should not be too limiting and should also be balanced by adequate rest as well.

Weight loss should be based on a diet which is not only adequate and nutritious but tasty and varied enough so that one can enjoy and stick to it.  This diet should be based mostly on a rainbow of different colors of fresh fruits and produce, whole grains and legumes, fish and healthy oils.  Meats should be lean.

You can be sure that this kind of weight loss makes one healthier, happier and with greater wellbeing.


The following are some types of natural treatment that can be helpful in regaining back your health:

Acupuncture –uses needles inserted at specific points of the body for therapeutic purposes such as alleviating pain, treating illnesses, correcting infertility, and even promoting good health.

Acupressure – this is a form of massage, which uses deep but gentle finger massage on to specific points of the body or what we called “acupoints”. Congested or blocked energy center sthat cause pain and discomfort are released.  Acupressure not only treats physical discomfort, but also the emotional aspect of illness.  It also alleviates anxiety and stress.  

Yoga – is a combination of physical and mental relaxation. It is a common practice by many Indians, and plenty of Western people, to help them achieve and experience long lasting health and happiness.

Meditation – Many Buddhists traditionally use meditation when they are talking or praying to Buddha.  This is where an internal and personal exercise is undertaken to excluding external factors from our minds for a time.  Nowadays, meditation is popularly used by most of us in order to release stress and other negative vibes, or achieve insights into our lives.

Physical Exercise – this is a combination of body movements used to maintain good health and well-being.  Physical exercise in the form of e.g. walking, jogging, aerobics, Tae Bo, kick boxing, and other sports are commonly used by all ages to maintain a healthy weight and prevent diseases like hypertension, and cardiovascular problems.

Aromatherapy – this is another form of alternative medicine that utilizes volatile oils or essential oils  and aromatic compounds that can be used on the skin or within a room to enhance health and improve relaxation.

So, if you think that you need these methods of healing and restoring your health then don’t be afraid to try them.  They’ve been extensively road tested by others before you!!  They have been  proven safe and effective in alleviating illness and giving us energy for a sound body, mind and spirit.


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